Big Tobacco Factory Market This Sunday

This Sunday's Tobacco Factory Market is going to be a big one! They're expanding the market out of the Tobacco Factory gates and and onto Raleigh Road for the monthly Street Market.

Monstera deliciosa or "Cheese plant"

Of course, Little Green will be there with our regular line-up of spectacular cacti, succulents and houseplants, all eager to find a new home. A new arrival to the stall this week is the Monstera deliciosa or "Swiss cheese plant", a jungle shrub native to Mexico.

By popular demand we're also bringing back our re-potting service. If you've got any cacti or other succulents that could do with a bit of TLC and a fresh helping of compost, just drop them off at our stall and we'll do the rest. Click here for more information.

In addition to our new terracotta pots, we also have a small selection of gorgeous, vintage ones for you to choose from. We only have a very limited number of these though, so if you'd like one we recommend coming nice and early.

Farro's pan au chocolat. Yum!

There will of course be a plethora of other local makers and producers joining us at the Tobacco Factory Market on Sunday. Among our favourites is the ever-irresistible Farro, with their delicious breads and pastries - our go-to stall for a mid-market pick-me-up.

We're also fans of The Raw Soap Company.  They'll be at the market with their wonderful, ethically and locally-produced goat milk soaps.

Finally, our chums from Old Market Plants will be there too, making for a totally plantacious Sunday!

We hope to see you there!