Let Us Re-pot Your Succulents and Cacti

It's springtime, which means your plants are gearing-up for a growth spurt. Get ready for growing season by letting Little Green re-pot your plants for you.

Bring your succulents and cacti along to the Tobacco Factory Market's special Plants & Gardening event this Sunday 20th May and we'll carefully re-bed them in a beautiful terracotta pot and a helping of our specially formulated, peat-free compost. Just drop them off at our stall and we'll get it all done while you wait... or better yet, go and grab yourself a well-earned cup of tea!

We have a range of pot sizes to make sure your plant will have all the room it needs to see it through the rest of the year. The prices below include the terracotta pot, compost and a dose of Little Green TLC.

Pot size Price
11cm £2.50
13cm £3
15cm £4
20cm £5.50
24cm £6.50

If you have your own pot (with a drainage hole) that you'd like to use, bring it along and we can work with that instead. Likewise, if you'd prefer to re-pot your plants yourself, you can pick-up a bag of Dr. T's Peat-free Succulent Compost to take home with you. A 2 litre bag is just £3 and if you need any help or advice, we'll be happy to give you some pointers.

Either way, give your plants a chance to thrive this summer! They may not be able to thank you themselves, but trust us - they'll love their new digs!