Our Little, Green, Plant Pot Recycling Scheme

In the UK we consume more than 5 million tonnes of plastic and less than a quarter of that gets recycled. Plastic plant pots in particular are problematic as they are commonly made from 'hard plastics' which many local councils (including Bristol) don't collect as part of their kerbside recycling collections. This leads to most of them either piling-up in gardens and sheds or just being thrown in the wheelie bin to be dumped on landfill.

Inspired by the efforts of the #PlasticFree campaign and Plastic Free BS3, we at Little Green want to do our bit to prevent plastic ending-up on landfill, which is why we're introducing our plant pot recycling service. If you have old, plastic plant pots cluttering-up your garden, we'll take them off you and ensure they're either re-used or recycled. Just clean them up and bring them along to one of our markets or drop them off with our lovely friends at Casper on North Street... And while you're there, maybe you can pick-up a new green friend for your windowsill.


We're working to make Little Green 100% plastic-free. In addition to our recycling scheme, we already use easily-recyclable paper carrier bags on our stalls and sell all of our plants pre-potted in beautiful, long-lasting and reuseable terracotta pots.

Find out what else we're doing to make Little Green even greener on our Sustainability page.

Photo credits: Shutterstock, Andrew Viney.